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Easing the stress

Easing divorce stress in Statesboro, GA
A divorce can be a highly emotional time for a family and each partner involved. One of the best ways to minimize the stress that so often accompanies divorce proceedings is to work with a top lawyer like Elizabeth A. Branch. 

When you employ an attorney with more than 18 years of experience handling multiple types of divorce cases, you´re getting the best possible representation. Ease the tension around dividing your estate and time with your children by working with Branch Law Firm.  Attorney Branch is a divorce law expert who is here to help you and your family throughout the state of Georgia.

Dividing assets

Divorce assets at Branch Family Law
A significant component of going through a divorce is the division of assets. Outlining the real estate, finances and other items to divide can take time and a knowledgeable lawyer to ensure a positive outcome for you. Don´t let the small details of asset division interfere with your handling of your divorce. 

Leave the details to Elizabeth A. Branch in Statesboro at Branch Law Firm. She has years of experience handling all matters relating to the division of assets, and she can use that experience to your benefit. Call today.

Taking dependents into consideration

Divorce considerations help at Branch Law Firm
If you have a family with one or more children, a divorce is no longer only about the two partners in the marriage. Child support and child custody are a major part of divorce proceedings. Employing a top Statesboro-based attorney who can work for you with matters of your children will set you up for success. 

Elizabeth A. Branch has worked with many families to determine the best possible outcome for all family members. Call Branch Law Firm today for more information on Attorney Branch´s child custody options.
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